It is very important that the materials you are going to use in the decoration (wall panels) are both hygienic have properties such as aesthetic and decorative properties. If the materials you are going to use does not have hygienic properties, their decorative characteristics will always be secondary to be. ESP based polystyrene wall panels is a material that meets these criteria and with which you can make economic decorations. Styrofoam wall panels, which are made from TSE approved raw materials and with which you can make hygienic decorations after production bacteria-free properties that do not produce bacteria and do not allow bacteria to live.

Styrofoam wall panels, which ensure that decorations remain smooth and decorative for years, is a material with anti-static properties. As anti-static materials, the panels allow the formation of permanent dirt by avoiding stains and dirt. Panels that can be cleaned easily and quickly when dusted, do not lose their decorative appearance.

Styrofoam wall panels, which have many properties and with which you can make hygienic decorations are a material that is not affected by moisture and dirt cannot be affected by moisture either because it is a very simple material to apply and an economical material, it has the ability to save economically while not staining, getting dirty and is not affected by moisture it is the ability to benefit in terms of decoration.

Styrofoam wall panel is a material that does not lose its insulating property over time and retains its surface aesthetics decoratively does not pose a risk to your health as it does is a product that does not contain toxic gas and does not release toxic gas. Styrofoam wall panel is a very light material and does not pose a static risk to the building, does not contain any factor that your endangers health and helps you by protecting your health, since silicone is on acrylic base are used for the structures. With this property the styrofoam wall panel becomes, which gives you an advantage, produced to standard dimensions and can be easily sized surfaces.

You can easily create the desired decoration on site with the polystyrene wall panels that are cut to the desired dimensions using a Stanley knife brought. Styrofoam wall panels, which have shock-absorbing properties and damage the surface of prevent the building by absorbing hard impacts, belong to B1 class fire-resistant materials. Panels that do not ignite in any way and that do not allow flame spread, also protect your home and workplace from fire. Since it is a decorative material, the house offers unlimited colors and pattern options, and you can create the decorations you want in your home.