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Wallpanels / Marble Look Calacada

Wallpanels / Marble Look Calacada
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Our 3D wall panels can be easily installed without a master and guarantee a dust-free and clean installation.
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    The wall panel is ideal for friends of bright and friendly colors. These panels with a natural stone look are particularly beautiful in the bathroom or kitchen area and with a little indirect warm lighting. Both you and your family and friends will be amazed by the quality of these panels and the timelessly beautiful look of the marble panels.


    Depending on the substrate, our panels are attached with hard foam adhesive or assembly adhesive. Both adhesives are also available from us. The cutting is done with a cutter knife, with a circular saw or with a flex. With the wall panel you give your home a noble look that will be the envy of both family and friends - please recommend us.



    • Easy and quick attachment without much effort

    • Direct application to tiles/walls without pre-treatment

    • Alternative to marble or granite and traditional tiles

    • numerous decors

    • Noble and elegant walls

    • Lightweight material (no additional load on the wall)

    • Can be used on many surfaces (tile, plaster, etc.)

    • Few accessories required (glue, cutter knife, etc.)

    • Exchangeable at any time

    • Panels are rigid and not flexible

    • 2 formats: 120cm x 60cm / 244cm x 122cm


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